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t-log temperature - mini logs simple and reliable temperature measurement and storage of e.g. engines. 
Protection from damage to the engine by efficient temperature monitoring the sensor cables can be extended without influence on the measurement upto max. 8 meters.  This precise and amazingly small measuring instrument was developed for the Live monitoring of temperatures at engines of all kinds. 
Whether one wants to supervise the temperature of engines, Akkus, automatic controllers or other construction units during the enterprise, the Geraetchen can be installed very simply and is mega+easy.  NEVER MORE defective run sets or broken piston rods by overheating of combustion engines. 
Contrary to the other temperature monitoring MTU, which warns with a red LED before overheating, this equipment additionally still stores the maximum temperature during the flight.  Also still after the landing one can read off comfortably the maximum temperature and the current temperature from the display.  Run in new engines observation of engines in the enterprise monitoring during new nozzle needle attitude leerlaufeinstellung operating temperature check in the high summer examination of automatic controller and engine of electric drives function mode: 
t-log has a precise temperature sensor and a Microprozessor, which measure and store constantly the temperature.  The current, the maximum and the minimum temperature are indicated.  t-log has its own mini cell for current supply (as in clocks).  Operation:  For measurement one proceeds in such a way:  by push of a button FLIES switch current temperature on read off by head pressure the maximum temperature of the flight read off.  more simply gehts not. 

Technical data:  Size:  approx. 50x22x14 mm (LxBxH)
weight:  13 gram of current supply: 
Button cell temperature:  -50 to 300 degrees of dissolution:  0.1 degrees of
display:  special with 3 digits characteristics: 
precise temperature measurement to install temperature storage in the flight very small very easily extremely simply operation with only two keys

Hier ein Bild ( danke Frank ) einer Möglichkeit den Fühler am Zylinderkopf mit Silikonschlauch zu befestigen :

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