South to South - "For the Birds"

South to South - For the Birds
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South to South - For the Birds
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Olivier Aubert and Mike Blyth Present
South to South - "For the Birds"

The World's Longest Trike Flight! Get the Award-Winning DVD!

On an epic journey of adventure and discovery, two pilots forge a strong friendship through an experience of the world only recently made possible by innovations in aviation. Flying two aircraft that can best be described as motorcycles of the air, Mike Blyth and Olivier Aubert traveled over 3 continents and through more than 30 countries to live a dream and to lead the way in high endurance open air cross country flying. Eight months after departing Buenos Aires, Argentina, they arrived in Cape Town, South Africa, having covered 43 ,000km/27,000mi of high adventure, including braving the icy North Atlantic.

This is the story of their journey...

Olivier Aubert and Mike Blyth Present
South to South - For the Birds
Directed by Antoine Sacoun
DVD - PAL/NTSC format
52 mins

Language: English
Subtitles available: French

Winner of Award for Best Promising Director, 2002 International Adventure Film Festival, Dijon.

Featured at EAA Oshkosh 2003 at the Airventure Museum to wide acclaim.

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